An Independent Film Company

Our Town Project: Pendleton, Oregon

Many Pendleton-area people have offered tremendous help and support in our efforts to create this film. Some have gone to extraordinary lengths to assist us. The following is a partial list of these people.

Butch Thurman - Pendleton Round Up Association - Butch has been amazing in his efforts to provide us with virtually anything we ask for from the Round Up Association. This film would not have been possible without Butch's cooperation and enthusiasm and the Association's generosity.

Phillip Houk - Mayor of the City of Pendleton - Mayor Houk has been a tremendously willing participant in this film even before he knew what were going to ask him to do on camera. Now that's a good sport!

Leslie Carnes - Director of the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce - Leslie has a vast supply of personal and professional enthusiasm, and she shares them both quite generously. She has been an absolute delight to work with from the inception of this project.

Arnold Schmidt - Second Camera Operator - Arnold has taken time out of his busy schedule to provide and run a second camera on a volunteer basis. We can't thank him enough for this assistance.

Sharon Schmidt - Supreme Researcher - Sharon has demonstrated tireless tenacity in tracking down virtually any lead presented to her in finding source material, interviewees, etc. Nobody escapes when Sharon's on your trail!

Mary Finney - Reference Librarian at the Pendleton Public Library - Mary helped us with discovering our first source materials (which led to more) and she was always patient and incredibly friendly. Thanks Mary.

Caroline Jones - Doer of Everything - Caroline has volunteered her time to proof read seemingly endless pages of script and other documents (and she always catches something). She is also a top-notch web researcher and finds in minutes what takes others hours to locate. She has worked as everything from grip to nag... uhm... motivator with surprising success. Her contributions are truly appreciated as she always performs beyond expectations and with a smile on her face.

Chris Gibbons - Song Writer and Singer - Chris has most generously offered to compose and play an original song for the theme music for this documentary. Chris may be familiar to many Pendleton-area residents as the man with the golden voice heard at several local talent shows. We are most grateful to Chris for this contribution.