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Current Projects

Fording the River
A documentary film about Pendleton, Oregon. The town began as a bridge -- a river crossing -- for Oregon Trail travelers. Once billed as the "entertainment capital" of eastern Oregon, this town with a small population, boasted of having roughly a couple dozen bars and even more bordellos. Chinese laborers were, at times, shot for sport, and had to spend most nighttime hours in a subterranean village directly below the commercial area of town. Horse racing on main street was not uncommon. Jailbreaks, complete with shooting the sheriff, are also a part of the history of this town. More recently the Ku Klux Klan marched openly in parades through town, and there had to be two of every commercial establishment in town -- one to service Democrats and one for Republicans. We will also examine the town today to try to determine if any of the wild-west history is alive today.
To Market
To Market
A documentary concerning economics, providing an in-depth look at the glaring omission from the film Affluenza, and from other contemporary, largely pedestrian attempts at analyzing the U.S. system of economics/capitalism, namely the failure of the U.S. "free market" system to give consumers accurate purchasing information, due to U.S. national and state-level economic policies.
A documentary revealing and examining the earliest training grounds for future expendable military troops, and the unwitting participation by parents in the abatement of independent thought in their children in the interest of training unthinking, blindly patriotic people who will kill and be killed on command.
A documentary examining why "entitlement" programs create bitter, resentful and permanently downtrodden people out of those the programs are allegedly helping. We will also talk with people who have been forced to contribute their money to fund these programs which are assumed to be well-intentioned, but clearly ill-formed and constitutionally-illegal. And we'll try to determine why programs which are detrimental to both those forced to pay for them, and those receiving the "benefits", are so difficult to abolish.
A documentary examining the history behind, and the consequences of, turning the once-rapidly-flowing Columbia River into what is essentially a series of lakes, through federally-funded dam projects. This project will be quite large, but is of particular interest to Brett (owner of Black Spider Films) so will likely get a lot of attention beginning in the spring of 2012. Currently background research is being conducted. We are already lining up interview subjects and accepting volunteers to help with this project. We will also be looking for an on-camera host (female) in the near future, to be available when shooting begins (2012). If you have an interest in participating in this project, please use the "contact us" button to the right, and let us know what you would like to do.
A documentary covering the worldwide spread of nuclear arms forced upon the world by an imperialistic United States foreign policy.
Hitler, and countless others like him through history, have been able to direct the torture and murder of millions only because there is a class of people willing to torture and kill on command. The people of this obedient class, the “soldiers” are the ones who actually perpetrate the “crimes against humanity”. Without soldiers, there would be no such atrocities. In this documentary we examine why people allow themselves to become the brutal henchmen of “leaders” like Hitler, a host of Unites States Presidents, Pol Pot, and others, thereby creating the violent world from which they claim to be protecting their fellow citizens.
A food preparation show (not a "cooking" show) hosted by Caroline Jones who carries her raw, vegan food to work in a tiffin, and she'll show you how you can too. Four episodes have been completed and can be viewed through Caroline's website. More episodes to complete a DVD are being written now.
JayA humorous short film about Jay and how finding his purpose in life has changed his relationships.
A short comedic drama about a farmer and his obsession with extraterrestrial life, and his contacts with "others".
EARSA humorous short film about an appliance repairman and his strange encounters.
Our TownThe ongoing fundraising project we offer to community groups throughout the United States.